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Honeycomb Shades

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Honeycomb shades offer the best of form, function and beauty. They are the ideal choice to decorate any size or shape window. Alluring colors and fabrics combine with a host of specialty systems to harmonize with any décor in the home. Honeycomb shades also offer protection to interior home furnishings from harmful ultraviolet rays.


We Offer

-Semi sheer, translucent, and blackout fabrics

-Single and double cell construction/cell sizes: 3/8˝, 1/2˝, 9/16˝ and 3/4˝

-Solid colors and prints

-Multiple operating systems

-Specially shapes

-Vertically mounted Verti-Cell™



Features and Benefits

Fit to every window

-Made of spun polyester, honeycomb shades are extremely flexible, making them a good choice to fit windows of unusual shape.


Multiple comb options

-They come in single, double or triple combs.


Thermal Insulators

-The combs give this product its distinctive look, but they also trap air, making these shades fair sound and thermal insulators.


Light Control

-They also offer varying levels of light control.