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Woven Wood Shades

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Handcrafted from reeds, grasses and natural woods, woven wood shades bestow a unique natural beauty to your windows unlike any other type of window covering. They add texture and dimension to sitting rooms, family rooms and bedrooms.


We Offer

-Natural woven patterns

-Light filtering liner options

-Blackout liner options/Operable liner option

-Coordinating edge banding fabrics

-Multiple operating systems

-Panel tracks and folding tracks


Features and Benefits

-When paired with liners, they block 100% of UV rays when completely lowered, lengthening the life of your furniture.

-Woven Wooden Shades are available in a multitude of colors – try lighter tones to complement rooms with white, bright, or neutral furnishing, and deeper tones to bring out the beauty in rooms with bold colors or dark wood accents.

-For bedroom window coverings, pair these semi-transparent window shades with a blackout liner to ensure the perfect level of privacy and light control.

-Woven wood shades can be easily customized to fit around awkward architectural elements like air conditioners, heat registers, and window cranks.

-They can be coordinated with woven drapes and sliding panels to bring rooms with wide windows and patio doors together.

-Woven wood shades are available in a variety of operating styles including bottom-up / top-down and roller shade style.

-For additional convenience and safety, you can motorize your woven wood shades